Our Focus

Solid Tumor Cancers

BIO 300 is being developed as an agent to both sensitize tumor cells to enhance radiation treatment efficacy and to protect normal tissues from harm.  This would be a first in class drug with these dual properties.  Preclinical and clinical programs are current focused on Lung, Prostate and Head and Neck Cancers.   Humanetics is receiving funding from the National Cancer Institutes for these programs. Learn more.

Medical Imaging

BIO 300 has been shown to protect DNA from low dose radiation that may be received during diagnostic procedures such as Computed Tomography (CT) scans.  There are more than 75 million CT scans given annually in the U.S. and research has linked these scans to nearly 30,000 new cases of cancer per year.  There are no drugs approved to protect patients from the potential harm of these scans.  Learn more.

Medical Countermeasures

The U.S. Government and Military have prioritized the need for medical countermeasures for accidental or intentional radiological events.  BIO 300 has received extensive funding from the Department of Defense and the Biomedical Research and Development Authority (BARDA). Learn more.

Interestingly, there is also significant interest in BIO 300 from NASA to protect astronauts from space radiation events during space flight.  Humanetics recently received a grant from the National Space Biomedical Research Institute to test BIO 300 against space-like radiation.  Read more here.