Medical Imaging

Humanetics is developing BIO 300 as a radioprotective compound to mitigate the risk of DNA damage resulting from medical diagnostic imaging procedures.  BIO 300 is intended to alleviate the public health burden caused by the rising incidence of these tests, and provide assurances that patients, who could potentially benefit from such scans, will not be harmed by them. 


  • Half of the radiation exposure Americans receive annually comes from medical imaging
  • Over 75 million CT scans are given per year in the U.S. alone
  • 30,000 new cases of cancer per year are attributed to radiation from CT scans
  • No drugs are approved to limit the harmful effects of CT scans

Protection from DNA Damage

Humanetics has an active program in progress to better understand the mechanistic role of BIO 300’s radioprotection with respect to IR-induced DNA damage, as this is the primary source of the cancer-associated risks of medical imaging.  BIO 300 treatment is capable of dramatically reducing the number of DNA double strand breaks as evidence of gH2AX foci after irradiation.

Preventing Mutations

Treating human cells with BIO 300 pre-irradiation can protect cells from accumulating mutations from DNA damage. This effect has been quantified using a highly sensitive assay that is applicable across nonclinical and clinical studies.