Robert C. Miller, M.D.

Robert Miller, M.D. The primary research activities of Robert C. Miller, M.D., are focused on radiation techniques and testing of medications to determine if they can be used to reduce the negative symptoms associated with radiotherapy. 

Previously, Dr. Miller served at the Mayo Clinic for 25 years. Dr. Miller has served as the national principal investigator/study chairman for five NIH funded national Phase III cooperative group clinical trials.  Additionally, Dr. Miller is the author of more than 170 peer-reviewed papers.

Focus areas

  • Reducing toxicity and symptoms from radiation therapy
  • Diagnosis and treatment of rare cancers, such as pseudomyxoma peritonei
  • Proton and carbon ion radiotherapy

Significance to patient care

Dr. Miller's research into reducing patient discomfort and toxicity from radiotherapy for cancer has been focused on radiation mucositis, enteritis and dermatitis, or radiation reactions of the mouth and throat, intestines, and skin. Dr. Miller and his colleagues have recently concluded successful phase III trials of agents to reduce skin reactions and oral mucosal reactions to radiotherapy. They are planning on testing probiotic preparations for preventing radiation-induced diarrhea and oral mucositis in the near future.

Dr. Miller, in his role as the Medical Director of the Maryland Proton Treatment Center helps guide the use of proton therapy to reduce complications from radiotherapy.

Professional highlights

  • Editor-in-Chief, Rare Tumors, 2009-present
  • Associate Fellow, Particle Therapy Cancer Research Institute, Oxford University, U.K., 2010-present
  • Chair, Membership Committee, American Society for Radiation Oncology