October 15, 2013


Proprietary compound BIO 300 is being developed under contracts with BARDA and the National Cancer Institute and has implications for both radiation countermeasures and cancer patients

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- Minneapolis-based Humanetics Corporation has been awarded a patent for a breakthrough formulation that increases the bioavailability of their proprietary radioprotectant compound, BIO 300.

Humanetics is developing BIO 300 under contracts with two government agencies: the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

BIO 300 has already shown promise as a medical countermeasure for radiation in two key areas:

  1. National defense. The compound is being developed to combat the acute and delayed effects of radiation that can affect people following a nuclear accident or terrorist attack involving nuclear weapons.
  2. Cancer patients. Humanetics is exploring how BIO 300 can make cancer treatments more effective while protecting healthy tissues from the harmful effects of medical radiation.

The compound was previously developed for use as an intramuscular injection. The new, breakthrough formulation enables oral administration of BIO 300. "This is incredibly significant because it means that BIO 300 could be administered without direct medical supervision," said Ronald Zenk, CEO of Humanetics Corporation. "That means that, in an emergency situation involving high levels of exposure to radiation, it could be given out en masse and would be much easier to distribute to civilian populations. It also means that cancer patients could take BIO 300 in the privacy of their homes prior to undergoing radiation treatments."

The patent issued is U.S. Patent No. 8,551,530, effective October 8, 2013. It is issued exclusively to Humanetics Corporation for "Nanoparticle Isoflavone Compositions and Methods of Making and Using the Same."

BIO 300 is expected to be in its first human clinical studies, involving cancer patients, in 2014.

About Humanetics Corporation
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